Regular ELG Meetings

Representatives from all the member firms meet semi-annually to discuss matters concerning the ELG network. Recently meetings have been held in Paris and Stuttgart.

Specialist Sub-Group Meetings

Within the ELG there are also a number of specialist sub-groups, some convening regularly, others on a more ad hoc basis. Active sub-groups include Intellectual Property/E-Commerce, Mergers and Acquisitions, Taxation, Employment, and Distribution. In January 2009 the Taxation sub-group met in Paris. In February 2008 the IP and e-commerce sub-group met in Torino to discuss the current legal position in each of their countries concerning three dimensional trademarks according to Regulation (EC) no. 40/94 and EU case law and illegal file sharing.

Workshops, Seminars et al

Every once in a while the ELG arranges seminars covering one or more current issues in the member states. Examples of such events were seminars held in Trento, Italy, in 2004 and again in November 2009, regarding Agency and Distribution Contracts, was held in Trento in November 2004. Other special events include M&A workshops for younger ELG lawyers, two of which have been held in recent years, in London and Paris respectively.


Budapest, April 20–21, 2018

Nogradi Law Office in Budapest hosted ELG’s spring meeting.

tel aviv

Tel Aviv, November 17–18, 2017

The member firms assembled in Tel Aviv, in the law offices of Shavit Bar-on Gal-on Tzin Witkon.


Copenhagen, June 2–3, 2017

The biannual meeting of ELG was held at the offices of Sirius law firm in Copenhagen.