Arnon, Tadmor-Levy

IRS Relief for Taxpayers Affected by the Terrorist Attack on Israel
Boaz Feinberg and Guy Sagiv
– October, 2023

Beyond the hype: legal awakening for NFTs in Israel
Roy Keidar
– 26 September, 2023

ICA moves forward with criminal enforcement in novel “signalling” case
Shai Bakal, Roi Krause
– 14 September, 2023

Will Israel finally have legislation facilitating securitisation transactions?
Shiri Shaham, Shai Margalit
– 22 August, 2023

The Renewable Energy Law Review: Israel
Roni Osborne and Raffi Brown
– 20 July, 2023

Israeli Privacy Protection Authority Releases Statement Concerning the Use of Employee Biometrics
Yoheved Novogroder Shoshan, Miriam Friedmann, Yaara Seri

Legal considerations for companies using AI – Article #2
Roy Keidar, Netanella Treistman, Derora Tropp
– July, 2023

European Commission Adopts Adequacy Decision for the EU – US Data Privacy Framework
Derora Tropp, Netanella Treistman, Leonie Baranes

Quarterly Privacy Update | July 2023
Yoheved Novogroder Shoshan, Netanella Treistman, Miriam Friedmann, Yaara Seri, Moshe Lehmann, Itzhak Bombach, Leonie Baranes, Eyal Kimor
– July, 2023

Q&A:  What is the US-EU Data Privacy Framework, and How Is It Relevant to Israeli Companies?
Yoheved Novogroder Shoshan, Netanella Treistman, Miriam Friedmann, Itzhak Bombach

Legal Update – Exemption for a Foreign Corporation from the Contractors’ Registration Law for an International Tender
Nadav Lerner, Nir Kehat