Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates


Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates, a seasoned, multi-disciplinary Law Firm founded in Valletta, Malta by Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall and Dr Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall, having between them over thirty five years of personal experience in the legal profession, with the aim of providing services based on commitment, loyalty and respect towards clients whether they would be private clients, medium-sized or large corporate clients, local or international, adopting first a solution driven approach which has won our dynamic team a favourable repute with clients, before going for litigation.

The legal services offered by Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates address a wide range of practice areas including litigation before the local Courts of Law and Administrative Tribunals, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Commission.

Tanti Dougall

Tanti-Dougall & Associates
91A/1, Archbishop Street
Valletta VLT 1446

Telephone: (+356) 21227900
Fax: (+356) 27231710

Contact: Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall LL.D.